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    I’m so thankful found dr Dayal ! I had a hysterectomy for (endometrial cancer ) few days I had stomach obstruction then I got a ventral hernia ! For 5 years I saw many doctors one said is ok many people live with a hernia other dr said u need lost 25 pounds after I lost 25 pounds same doctor said you can lost other 25 pounds she saw me every 9 months and never said ok let’s do the surgery! For 5 years the hernia grows a lot of I had many obstructions run the hospital my blood pressure was crazy I didn’t have life so painful all the time nobody help me because I don’t have medical Insurance only a charity care ! Last time I had obstruction I had again entubation for few days and they send me home again but not repair the hernia Only dr Dayal ask me if want a surgery for avoid the hernia be encarceled and have a better life she offered me payment plan ! I couldn’t believe someone wanted help me ! She said let’s plan the surgery but unfortunately I had to run to hospital again another obstruction more pain and pain and I don’t had one hernia the new news I had two hernias one very big ventral and other humbilical ! Thank god dr Dayal program the surgery next day I felt like still angels in the earth dr Dayal is for me after any dr I saw cares she did .,finally I had the surgery last march 16th and today after a month recovery I feel fantastic she do the follow up every other week and also she is available to talk if I have any questions if she is busy her professional team always answer SHE REALLY CARES ABOUT HER PATIENTS! Thank you DOCTOR SARASWATI DAYAL you the best !


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