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    My wife wrote a review but I wanted to also. Back in 2019 my wife had a severe car accident and had her liver damaged. They said a Grade 5 Liver Laceration, the worst damage you could have. She was taken to Hackensack Hospital where I met Dr Dayal. She had a whole team together to take care of her. She performed 3 surgeries on her and saved her life. After a month in the hospital she was sent home Dr Dayal saw her every week until she was healed. My wife came home with drains coming out of her. I never thought she’d get better but because Dr Dayal took such good care of her and her constant follow-ups she was finally better. She saved her life. We thank god every day that she was the trauma surgeon at the hospital that day. Fast forward to a few months ago and my wife was back in the emergency room at Hackensack Hospital again for severe pain in her stomach. Dr Dayal just happened to be walking by saw her and said she’s my patient lol. She remembered her from years before. That shows you how much she cares for her patients. Dr Dayal soon figured out it was her gallbladder and it needed to come out. She asked her if she wanted to have the surgery to take it out. None of the other doctors even asked. So we scheduled the surgery but she was back in the hospital before the surgery could happen. This time I took her to Pascack Valley where we knew Dr Dayal would be and she finally was able to perform the surgery. Unfortunately the easy gallbladder surgery couldn’t be done because of her complicated liver issue so they had to really open her up. We were so thankful that it was Dr Dayal who was doing the surgery knowing her history. She saved my wife’s life and in my eyes there isn’t another doctor or trauma surgeon who is better then she is. She cares about her patients and is one hell of a surgeon. I’d recommend if you need to have any type of surgery see Dr Dayal. She is just amazing and her staff is wonderful always willing to help and they care too. She deserves a lot more then 5 stars in our eyes. Your in excellent hands if she’s your doctor. Thank you again Dr Dayal for saving her life and for doing everything you did to help us. There is really no one else better then you!!


5 Summit Avenue, Suite 105
Hackensack, NJ 07601

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